Hotel REJS *** Władysławowo nad morzem

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First Day
·         PAYOT revitalizing- stimulating face treatment
·         Kneading Kinjoy armchair massage
·         Aromatherapy in Alpha Spa Capsule
Second Day
·         Milk Honey breast and neckline wrap+ Alpha Spa Capsule
·         ProSlim Gold – firming effect
·         Sauna
Third Day
·         Special hand treatment
·         Biodroga Effect Mask- regains skin radiance
Fourth Day
·         Anti wrinkle treatment- provides extra oxygen to the skin around eyes
·         Cosmetic pedicure
·         Nails painting
Fifth Day
·         ProSlim Gold- anti cellulite treatment
·         Shaping green clay treatment for thighs and bottom+ Alpha Capsule
Sixth Day
·         Day make-up
·         Nails ornamenting
Total cost for one person: 740,00 Pln


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